Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Things we must do once we are moved into the new place

1) Install a closet kit into the master bedroom closet. They simply must have been kidding.

2) REMOVE the laughable closet shelf from the walk in closet in the teeny-tiny bedroom so we can put actual storage shelving in there.

3) Decide what manner of bathroom shelving will go into the master bathroom. I gots too much stuff for a single under-sink cupboard. We aren't even talking about the Wall O' Product belonging to The Husband. Of course, he's getting his own bathroom anyway, which also needs much shelving.

4) Figure out where we can shove 5 litter boxes we are keeping of the 7 litter boxes we currently have and provide cat-proofing for the inevitable unhappiness this reduction will cause. You'd think 5 cats=5 litter boxes, but Nooooooo, this is not true. You see, some boxes are only for peeing in, and some are only for pooping in, but no one can agree which boxes are going to be designated for what, which means SOMEONE is always unhappy with the choices.

5) Rework my window coverings to the fewer/smaller windows the new place has.

I'm going to miss a lot of things from this house, like 2 linen closets, an actual pantry closet, and a huge big tiled room to do messy crafts in. I'm going to miss a lot of my furniture, like my antique desk and my big jewelry box (no place to put it, so I'm going to have to cram things into something much smaller). I'm going to miss all the windows and even the noise skylights (noisy when it rains, so much so that I can't sit in the living room). I'm gonna miss a lot.

But I'll get over it...eventually. Prepare for much whining though. I TOTALLY plan to whine.

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