Sunday, April 27, 2008

Round Trip

I flew to Greenville on Friday and sat in the airport for 5 hours while The Husband finished up his last lab and class for the semester.

I do this because I love him.

We spent the rest of Friday and all day Saturday running over all the little towns in the area in search of a real mattress and boxspring to replace the rather worn out mattress and boxspring we don't want to move north. We discovered that very few companies still MAKE real mattresses and boxsprings -- everything now is a "foundation" with a "foam padded pillow top", which means you can't flip the thing over to even out the wear. We have named our new one The Padded Rock. It does not bounce. It does not jiggle. It does not give an inch. I felt like I was sleeping on a hotel bed (this is not a compliment). The Padded Rock is more stubborn than I am.

So, after this $750 inevitability (the two free pillows did not make it any better) I scooted next door to a little furniture store. You see, the layout of the new master bedroom does not leave a space for the dresser I have (an antique, marble topped marvel that, while not particularly large, simply won't fit anywhere). I needed something tall and thinner to store underwear and the like. What we'd seen through the day ran between $125 (not very tall, either) to $258 (unfinished and decidedly country cornpone deluxe). I figured a glance couldn't hurt.

The store was just a nice warehouse, with furniture lined up in rows or matching groups along the walls and aisles. I saw several beautiful things that I didn't need, couldn't buy, and had no place to put and then -- there it was. My lingerie chest.

Ok, so it's actually a part of a three piece set (the left side). Ok, so it's got a chip/scratch on the front. It was also $45. If you are a furniture snob, you might know about Hooker furniture. I know about Hooker furniture for two reasons -- for years we owned a cherry entertainment center that ended up being a size, shape and layout we couldn't use anymore from Hooker and which I hung on to bitterly until forced to admit the inevitable, and because my mom-in-law used to live next door to and be friends with the company's owners. No kidding, I met them. I was in their house. Mrs. Hooker's closet was a custom built affair she had put in using the THREE DOWNSTAIRS BEDROOMS and a BATHROOM of her very large half of the duplex (Mom's was the other side -- main floor, basement, and a loft. Her main floor was about the size of our house, not including the double deck. I'm sure you're catching on here.) Biggest Closet Ever, and stuffed full. She took us on a tour of it. I was hoping for a guidebook. If I'd known ahead of time (we were just making a friendly visit) I would have taken my camera and maybe a map. HUGE.

Anyway, so, Hooker Furniture is very nice, well made, and expensive. A piece out of a larger set with a chip that would fit perfectly into my room, look good with what I already have, and come home for cheap made the whole Padded Rock hunt well worth the exhaustion.

So, we finish the packing this week, close on Friday, and make our haul northwards to our new home, where we will shoe horn, fiddle, and figure how our stuff, our cats, and our lives will fit into the reduced space. We're only take the bedroom furniture with us in the trailer (The Padded Rock is already in place, awaiting the frame) and the Pod will show up later. I have a lot of blue painter's tape, measurements, and about 4 days to figure what will go in, where it will go, and if I can stand it.

I'll check back with you.

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