Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Progress

The Pod arrived, and we've been stuffing everything into it like a giant jigsaw puzzle, or a game of Tetris, only instead of neat little shapes made of boxes, half of our stuff has legs.

Tired. I'm already tired.

Cats are a little freaked. I've moved assorted cat furniture to places they like, but as the couches and chairs vanish, they are not happy with the lack of soft, comfy places to lay down or hide under. I'm getting a lot more rubbing, cuddling and "Hey, look at my butt" than I'm used to.

I have a small but growing collection of bruises, scrapes, cuts, and bashed spots. Nothing serious individually, but as a group, there's a fair level of "Ow" happening. Also, I strongly suspect a cold germ is trying to get me. Very mild sore throat and some nose blowing.

Tokyo has had a few burps and hiccups dealing with me not being there IN PERSON, but that's more or less under control. Bosszilla has me on speed dial.

Trying to get my 'go to sleep' time cycled back around because I have to get up at o-my-god-thirty on Friday for my airflight. I settled automatically into a midnight-to 7:45 cycle. The cats get anxious if I sleep passed 8, because breakfast is supposed to be at 7:30 and they will starve because there is only dry food and they must have the canned food or die. At least, that's the story I get from the interpretive dance done on my head each morning.

Ok, time for caffeine and food before MIL gets here. And Aleve.

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