Thursday, April 24, 2008


I tried to cut off my right thumb with a piece of cardboard. Papercuts are bad, but cardboard cuts are hell.

MIL and I wrestled a few more pieces of furniture and some boxes into the third quarter of the Pod today, and I worked hard to prevent her from dragging the couch and my solid wood desk out there (she was trying to persuade me, and I stated flatly I wouldn't lift anything heavier than Ophelia today. I did end up lifting stuff and climbing into the stuff and shoving and all that...but the couch and the desk await the muscular Husband.)

(BTW, Scott, "PODS" stands for Portable On Demand Storage. Acronym cuteness, eh?)

So, there is a little over 1/4 of the Pod left to stuff and all the heavy, big pieces to fit. We had planned on renting a trailer. For a while we thought we'd have to rent a truck and a towbar for the car, but at this point we might make it with the trailer. I keep thinking of other things we have left to pack and I feel sick. Can you say "overwhelmed"? I knew you could.

So MIL left early, and I'm trying to get myself sufficiently packed and clean for an early bedtime.

In other news, I made some attempts at self maintenance this week, with sad results. One of the genetic items inherited from my dad are Big Fat Eyebrows that are trying very hard to do a unibrow thing. Oh, I've fought it for years, but plucking eyebrows is a Not Happy Thing. I don't want those little thin penciled brows my aunts had -- you know the kind, the ones drawn on in a look of perpetual surprise? But mine are...lush. Yes, we shall say Lush. Luxuriant. Extravagant.

So I bought a little home wax kit and just ripped all that luxury right off. I will not do that again.

It didn't really HURT that much -- I've had worse, easily. However, it did cause a million zits to erupt in the Area Formerly Known as Eyebrow. My skin's version of revenge. This tells me the whole waxing thing is a No. We live, we learn, we don't do it again.

Also, the wax is a little hard to manage, and now one eyebrow is about 2 millimeters too short on one end. In eyebrow terms, millimeters are miles. As if my face wasn't lopsided enough, I took off the three eyebrow hairs apparently needed to not look completely stupid.

This is why Maybelline makes eyebrow powder. I get to draw on my eyebrows anyway.

Oh well, at least they will grow back one day. There are definitely two eyebrows, though. I think they are terrified at the thought of trying to bridge the gap over my nose. Wax as threat.

I think from now on I'll just bleach my entire face.

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