Friday, March 07, 2008

Ok, They DO Think We are Mental Inferiors

Ok, I'll say it up front -- I don't buy Cosmo for intellectual stimulation. No, I buy it because I'm bored and I want to read something shallow, meaningless, and fluffy-light. There. I'm being honest about it.

But....Va-jay-jay? SERIOUSLY? Someone tell me this isn't really how 20-something women talk about their bodies. Are they saying things like pee-pee and poo-poo as well? Why is baby-talk like this on a national woman's magazine? Why? Is Cosmo marketing to three year olds? And why would a three year old be interested in vaginal health anyway?

I feel strongly that any woman who is old enough to be aware of her gynecological health or be sexually active is old enough to pronounce 'vagina'. It's not that hard. Same number of syllables.
Similar vowel and consonants. For the really clueless, there's Webter's.


The computer will even say it for you.

I'm trying to imagine a woman facing her doctor and saying, in all seriousness, "I'm having some unusual discharge from my va-jay-jay." I know I'd laugh. I'd laugh a lot. Is this word going to show up in porn now? "OOoo baby, shove that hot man-meat into my wet va-jay-jay."

That has an icky child porn echo, doesn't it? Erg.

Someone mentioned to me a few weeks ago that Oprah used this infantile term. And here I'd begun to think Oprah was a grown-up. This word is as bad as "mangina" (is the feminine 'womangina"?) or "man-cooter" ('cooter', apparently, like "prostitute' and 'purse', is automatically feminine).

I don't spend my money on these junk magazines very often, but this cover made up my mind. I'm never buying a Cosmopolitan again. Intelligent, adult women should not be spoken to with baby talk in public, especially at $5.00 a pop.

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Anonymous said...

Waaaaaait a minute. I thought Va Ja Jay was house DJ from Mumbai.