Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just in Case Something Gets Busted

My goal today was packing away my display china and crystal. Everything else was packed up months ago.I love my china hutch. It's teak, and also antique (which is anything older than me). The credenza was my mother-in-law's, bought when she had her first apartment in the 1950s. The hutch she bought for my husband and me about 10 years ago. Love. Love love love.

I also love these old fashioend champagne glasses. Again, they were my mom-in-law's, from the days when she was entertaining a lot. There are 10 of them left -- I say "left" because these came to us because they weren't a complete set anymore. Like The Husband and I need 10 crystal champagne glasses. I don't care. I love them. They go into this wine box I saved. It still had the dividers.
More bits. Mom bought the cobalt flask for a Christmas present. Husband won the candle holders (those pointy things) at an auction. The platter is part of my china (formerly known as Mom's china, and Scandinavian, and I have far too much of it in storage. Again, love.)
The Husband and I found this in an antique shop on Amelia Island. I used to keep dried rose petals in it, or short stemmed roses tied in a posey.
Another inherited item. Those little divots were made by rice grains embedded in the porcelain. When light shines through them, they glow. The two fans behind are made from sandalwood and were part of the stuff Japanese airlines gave passengers back in the 60s. They still smell like sandalwood.

I didn't grow up with stuff like this. My parents didn't drink wine or own china. Our plates were the popular plastic stuff (not even Corelle -- we stepped up when mom bought Corelle) When my mom married my stepdad, someone gave her a wine set. It was a pretty carafe with four glasses, all colored with a sort of clear paint that chipped off when they were washed (purely for looks). My mom treated them like something expensive, and for a long time they were my standard for "fine dining". I'm pretty sure my stepdad has trashed them by now.

So, I love these things that are now my things. Still, one day I want a crystal set of my own rather than a hand-me-down. One day I'll have money enough to get at least a few pieces. And when I do, I want this.

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