Friday, March 07, 2008


People came back for a second look at the house today. A LONG second look. I checked the house and left about 10:45 -- they were scheduled between 10:20 and 12:00 and were supposed to call first -- then went to find something to do for an hour or so.

At 12:10 I drove home and they were still here. I drove around for about 20 more minutes -- I know now where some of those streets behind my neighborhood doe -- and they were gone. None of the cats are happy about strangers in the house, and neither am I. We are all huddled on the bed together (except Ben, who is on the blanket chest because he's special like that, and because everyone whapped him).

I spent last night cleaning and being angry. I get angry through this process because I can picture is total strangers judging me, my choices and my way of life. Two things we hear from agents are "Paint everything neutral (white)" and "The house smells of cat (get rid of the cats)". Neither are going to happen. First, the paint is PAINT. Who ever moves in can paint white if that's what turns them on, or they can paint whatever colors they prefer. It's PAINT. As for the cats -- when I leave, they leave, and all that was of them will go. The house will be cleaned thoroughly when we leave.

Bah. The whole idea that someone will come into my house and be judgmental upsets my stomach.

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