Monday, February 11, 2008


Ben has done it again. Another window screen worked and worried until it tore free and now he's somewhere in the neighborhood. Pooty went out, too, but this time he was just at the side of the house waiting for someone to come get him. Ben hasn't returned home.

No more open windows. I had it down to 4, each opened only a few inches and held with a frame lock, but even that is too much. Ben is part cockroach.

History indicates he will be back, yowling at the front door with indignation for being on the wrong side. Only not yet. It's been about 2 hours since I discovered the defection at 6:30 am. No Ben. Several walks around with name calling (including his usual one). No Ben.

I'm most worried about him being hit by a car. Drivers around here are not in general given to slowing down for living things in the road. Some take it as target practice. Roads, after all, are for CARS (or giant useless pick up trucks). Ben doesn't really know much about cars. Generally, if he's been outside with me, a car doing by sends him dashing (usually up my back). That doesn't mean he can't miscalculate and dash in front of a car instead of away.

Damn cat. Get back here.

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