Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weather has a Voice and an Annoying Buzz

I bought a weather radio today. It was a bargain, too -- a nice Timex alarm clock radio, regularly 24.99, but because the store computer said the store didn't actually have them anymore, I got it on closeout for $17.99. Not bad. I need to find a place for it where I can hear weather alarms but not have to listen to the droning voices all night.

But why, you might ask, do I need a weather radio? Especially after some 43 years of living in Florida without such a thing. And well you might.

We have a severe weather alert today. All that snow and cold you guys up north got today is heading south tonight. It's been warm and humid here for a week or so. Typically, when warm, moist air meets cold dry air, they argue. We call these little disagreements tornadoes. They've been hitting rather close to home in recent years, almost as if circling around trying to find us. The winds have already picked up quite a bit out there, and the clouds are rolling in for tonight's entertainment.

So, a weather radio that will feed my paranoia and scream at me if a tornado happens to head in my direction, hopefully early enough for me to grab cats and crouch in the closet. In fact, I might just put the cats in the closet ahead of time, or at least my laptop and my cell phone. (Yeah, those would be two things I'd really hate to have smashed in case of emergency).

It's a nice enough radio -- small and the controls were not too difficult to figure out without the instruction book. I have it set to the county's channel, I checked for the droning voice, and I'm probably going to turn the glowing orange face to the wall or something. I do not really care for anything to glow orange at night.

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