Friday, February 29, 2008

The Last Glimpse

I so much would like to relate the rather delicious details involving Little Monster's last minutes at Tokyo, but after some consideration I've decided it would be a low and unworthy pursuit, with no good reflection upon me. However, I'm not in contention for sainthood. I distinctly heard Bosszilla do a whole "Apprentice" thing on Little Monster, including several repetitions at escalating volume of "You're Fired." No, I'm not kidding.

The last glimpse I had of Little Monster, he was being escorted from the Bosszilla Lair and out of the building. I suspect he put up some sort of fight (big mistake). Possibly he tried to tell Bosszilla that he couldn't be fired for some reason or another (honestly, I was not listening in, and I could only hear Bosszilla's roars when they penetrated the walls. Little Monster was not audible.) He looked, indeed, as if he'd met up with some big hedge sheers in a most unfortunate way.

There are some interesting rumors floating around, too. Because they are rumors, I won't repeat them, but they ARE interesting. Nose Hair Spiders do not frighten all women, it seems, especially if the price is right.

After all was said and done, and Little Monster was declared persona non grata on the property, I went to clean out his desk (it defaulted to me). WHAT A SLOB. I shan't detail, but it is apparent how little he really did care. Then he started making phone calls to Tokyo -- wanting to talk to The Husband, to The Dragon Lady, and to me. I would not speak with him, and Dragon Lady eventually would not. I don't know about The Husband.

I hope this episode is finally over. I expect that I shall recall Little Monster in the future, however, as a Really Bad Example.

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