Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feel the Luv

Ah, there is happiness.

Last Saturday I visited with a friend in St. Pete. That's about a 2 hour drive. Right as I started home I noticed my engine light was on. It was just glowing, but the car ran fine, and I made a nervous drive back. I didn't drive the car Monday (due to certain Cats being out of the Bag) but Tuesday I pulled out my owner's manual and read up on possible reasons for the light to be on (and also read that if it wasn't flashing, there was no immediate danger). I checked all the simple ones -- the electrical system seemed to work, the gas cap was on, temperature appeared ok, no unusual noises or shimmies. So it had to be something "more complicated" aka expensive.

It was still on Wednesday, so I called for an appointment at the dealer (another good hour away -- this is Florida. EVERYTHING is 'away'.) I had to get gas, and I noticed the gas cap wasn't in tight. I put it back, but the light was still on. So, since I was due for the regular oil and maintenance check, today I made the drive across 2 counties to the dealership. I was really dreading what might possibly be wrong with the car. It's not even a year old, so there was the warranty, but right now we are trying to stock up a sufficient fund for the eventual move, and for however long it takes me to get a new job.

I had arranged for a friend who lived close to the dealer to pick me up so I could spend some time with her instead of sitting on a bench in a garage. We bummed around a while, hitting the mall where I picked up two pair of on-sale PJ bottoms (at under $6) and to Barnes & Noble where I resisted much temptation. I'm feeling poor. I'm worried. What if my car has to be there over night? The Husband is supposed to be back this weekend. We'd have to rent a car and pay for the repair. Fret, fret, worry, worry. What could have happened? It's not that old. I am still under 10,000 miles on it. Fret, fret. Worry, worry. I wasn't even listening to half of what my friend was talking about.

About 2 hours later, my cell rang.

"So, what was wrong with my car?"

"Well, we replaced the gas cap, changed the oil, balanced the tires -- it's ready to pick up."

"The GAS CAP?"

Grand total $47.52.

It's a good Valentine's Day.

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