Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Leseee, Where Was I?

Back home now since Sunday, whirling in a constant circle of 'Things That Must Get Done'. It's a lot -- more, it seems, since there's no Husband to carry the icky parts like cleaning cat boxes and taking out the trash. The MIL did yard work and hacked the hell out of the crepe myrtle trees (she does this ever year, and every year they look scalped, and every year they come back more beautiful than before. She thinks it's proper pruning. I think it's stubborn cussedness.)

Today I'm going a little more slowly through my chores, as I try to bring the really dirty house a few inches closer to the light. There are theoretical buyers looking for houses out there somewhere, and I have to be able to show mine off to best advantage. (That isn't cynicism, I swear. Ok, maybe a little of it is.)

Right now, I'm looking at about 4 months of being here while The Husband lives in his room and goes to school. A reality check says it may be more like 6 months, but I'm trying to be optimistic.

Back to vacuuming.

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