Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Week

First week accomplished. Nothing in particular to report -- my house is much cleaner, my life is very quiet, and I go to bed exhausted every night. The Husband will be back for a 4 day visit next weekend, including two days at Tokyo. Bosszilla was out of town all last week, but there were some long-distance nuclear firebreath episodes. I was not in the line of fire, but I'm sure there will be memos on Monday. I might show up early, just in case.

In other news, am I the only person to notice that, aside from commercials about nasty awful people, stupid people are becoming much more prevalent in TV commercials? I don't mean the usual stupid people who use Brand X and are dressed in clue clothes (you know the clues -- bad eyeglasses, out of decade clothings, some physical characteristic not in keeping with TV people beauty laws, usually fat). There is an Arby's commercial that's caught my attention. Two young people sitting by a lake, obviously romantically inclined. Both are pretty, both look 'normal'. The girl gets a wild hair and decides to go skinny dipping in the lake, running down the dock and pulling off her shirt. We would expect any guy with a hormone or a brain cell to be tearing after her, hopping on one booted foot while trying to peel off his jeans.

Not our hero. All the word 'dip' means to HIM is Arby's, and he takes off for the car to drive for his favorite fast food, leaving his confused and wet date in the lake. Anyone with a brain knows you can go skinny dipping in the lake and then get Arby's AFTERWARDS, and be very gooshy romantic licking Horsey Sauce off each other's lips. The only good thing I can say about this commercial is that this character is very unlikely to reproduce.

This leads to a couple of conclusions -- only stupid people who never have sex eat Arby's, or eating Arby's will make you so stupid that you will pass up prime opportunities that include beautiful people of your preferred gender throwing their naked bodies in your direction. Either way, I think I'd be more likely to AVOID Arby's. The risks are too high.

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