Tuesday, January 01, 2008


New Years Eve was spent at a friend's house -- not in the way we had planned, which was with much food and wine, some board games, music and celebratory nonsense, but more quietly since a family emergency had forced one friend to travel to a parent's house while the other stayed to care for family here. So, there was food and wine and games, but on a smaller scale involving sitting on the couch playing City of Villains until 3 am. Still, a good way to spend time.

And now the final round in the Move the Husband project is upon me. But I feel like I've talked of nothing else for days, so enough of that.

Now there's a shiny new year staring at me, with massive changes in its pockets. No matter which way I look, some major part of my life is going to change. I've been waiting for it to happen for almost a solid year (I'm naming 2007 as The Year Of the Big Wait).

I've made a few resolutions -- nothing much new there, the usual things about eating and exercising and reading and writing. I'm now focusing on living day-to-day.

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