Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Conundrum...or not

Is it better to

1) spend $5000 on laser eye surgery that will correct my distance vision (which I've never had, thus meaning I require glasses for driving/theatre/reading the blackboard) and then buy reading glasses for the rest of my life


2) spend $500 for one new pair of distance/driving glasses and one new pair of reading glasses, and replacing them every 2-4 years for the rest of my life? (the cheapie cheaters from the pharmacy don't cut it.)

Yes, the presbyopia is a reality. Not just myopic anymore, although I get to KEEP that, and the astigmatism. They can't correct presbyopia with laser surgery or even lens implants.

Important note -- I'm going to be more annoyed with wearing reading glasses than I've ever been wearing glasses to drive, since I spend far more of my daily life needing to see up close than I ever spend in a car needing to see at a distance, which leaves me with

3) get arm extensions for reading and give up all close work/beading/jewelry making/sewing

"Be free from glasses"? Um, no, now I'll have to wear glasses MORE THAN EVER. I'm not seeing any winning outcomes here.

Stupid technology.

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