Friday, November 23, 2007

Clever title, ya ya ya

Thanksgiving was...a few hours spent with relatives at a mediocre restaurant eating a nearly forgettable meal, then a few hours more helping the MIL install her new flatscreen TV and pull some boxes from her attic. After this, on the way home, we were drawn by the lure of Wal-Mart lights where we bought stuff to make BLTs (much better than the turkey, etc. that afternoon) and witnessed the hurried preparations for Black Friday.

We are not planning to leave the house today. I can hear the distant roar of the shoppers from here.

NaNo word count is rising nicely and is about 38,258 at the moment. I am planning to continue my forward plod, perhaps to get ahead. There is huge satisfaction in finishing before the deadline, although with my poor luck on the site, I may not get an upload done so I can get my little NaNo blog widget, which would be sort of sad.

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