Thursday, October 11, 2007

There In Your Car

Calif. bans smoking in cars with kids

I remember how I hated driving anywhere with my mom. I'd crack the window and press my face against it to get smoke-free air. Her smoking was the biggest factor in my not wanting to do things with her.

However, I'm sure that there will be many an outcry at this encroachment on the sacred ground of The Car. I think most of us view our cars as extensions of our personal space, part of our kingdom where we make the rules and control everything.

I'm still awaiting a ban on cell phone use in cars. Of everything people do in cars, that's the one I see the most when I see someone do something stupid while driving. The Husband and I now automatically look to see if the person who cut us off, turned improperly, failed to signal, wandered around the lane, braked suddenly, or almost hit us is talking blithely away with a cell phone plastered to his or her head. We see it so often that I'm now surprised when I don't see it. I have gotten to the point where I won't pick up my phone if I'm driving.

The Husband isn't so strict with himself, especially since his phone gets online maps. I can't convince him that he's doing those same scary things when HE drives trying to look at his phone or when trying to dial or talk to someone. Like most guys, he KNOWS he has super powers.

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