Monday, October 15, 2007

Sticky Gooey Romance

Today is our 14th anniversary of the day we went to the courthouse and got government sanction of our relationship for purposes of property, inheritance and taxation.

THEY call it 'marriage', but with all the current controversy, I'm not using that word here. Marriage indicates a religious or societal/cultural sanctioning of a relationship, and the state shouldn't come near that with a 20 foot borrowed pole. Besides, that happened later.

So, today The Husband took me to our favorite local bistro for lunch. Glynne took it upon herself to do incredible special food for us -- roastbeef and wasabi rolls on spinach, Gorgonzola torts, and avocado/mint pea soup. I can't even begin to tell you how good it was, but there's something about wasabi that makes Gorgonzola too good to be true. She finished with a piled high chocolate cake decorated with strawberries, so rich that we could only eat half.

And - best of all -- The Husband had a replacement of my engagement necklace made. I had a lovely gold disc pendent that was lost/stolen during a hotel stay for Dragon*Con. I was hearthbroken that it was gone. I've missed it. Now I have a new one. It's a little smaller, but all the more precious to me. I have to get a good chain for it. I want it to have a dedicated chain (I have a couple that I trade out pendents).

I have the best Husband I could possibly have, the only one I ever want.

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