Monday, October 01, 2007

Ok, So...I'm Awake.

The trip to Ft. Lauderdale was most worthwhile. The time spent with Kevin was all that -- food, cats, Godzilla, mockery -- what more could I want? Well, a bookstore, but on the whole, I think I might get that tonight, and even though it won't be a shiny new bookstore I'd never gotten fingerprints on, it will still be one.

Oh, and I think Hobgoblin will eventually recover from the trauma, but other members of the Hidden City CatHorde may be for ever scarred. I pet cats, and I make 'em like it.

Oh, and a Japanese Fusion Salsa/Frenchfry salad? Just off load that at my house and I'll get back to you (Kev, do they make that for take out? In gallon buckets?)

The flight down was bumpy but FAST. The drive home was bumpy and SLOW (comparatively). Nothing special to report -- no one questioned my choices in liquids in little containers, no one tried to confisticate my death-weapon hairstick, and while they tried to keep my shoes, eventually I persuaded them that, really, there wasn't much to x-ray. I did manage to loose a heel-cap somewhere. Maybe they removed it checking my hollow heels for explosives. I didn't even know the heels on those shoes was hollow.

Anyway, I'm home again for a bit. Next week, we are at Necronomicon in Tampa. After that, we start shuttling our belongings to the More-North-Than-This lands. Lots of travel this month.

And now I'm awake after a night of odd dreaming (won't even go into it. Too odd.) and I feel JUST like I spend 4 hours in a car and got home about midnight and have no caffeine in the I might have to go hunting for a Diet Pepsi somewhere.

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