Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh! The Humanities!

First load moved to the future home-town area. We rented a trailer, loaded about half the storage unit's contents into it, and hauled it north. Next week, we do it again, only with a bigger trailer (we got the small one for this, as a practice run). We were thinking about keeping the Florida unit to stage out the house emptying, but considering we have a 10 x 20 in the northern unit for about $2o more than the 10 x 10 at home, we've decided it would be smarter to empty it and just pack into and out of the garage.

My back hurts.

Lesseeee...met up with someone I know from Goodreads, a very nice lady and author, Laura Stamps. I have her new book on my reading list. We caught up for a quick meal and conversation. I like making those connections from the interwebinet to the world of flesh and smells.

This move was MOSTLY books, which are heavy and yet delicate, and expensive to haul via a moving company. We did NOT go through every single box of the 30+ that made the trip. We only went through about 10, looking for a book The Husband needed (which we didn't find) and only removing about 10 books we realized we can't live without (5 for each, with one of mine technically shared). At this point, we are trying to plan contingency-wise while keeping our thoughts positive. The house WILL sell, and it will sell soon (that's the positive thought). If, however, some snag occurs and I have to remain behind to handle things while The Husband goes north to start classes, we want to have as much of the house emptied as we can, preferably already moved north. So, the books I have out right now may constitute my entire library for a while, (and I still have some shelves to pack down...*sigh*). It's hard to be both optimistic and prepared for the worst.

What books did I rescue from storage unit confinement? My copy of Good Poems, which I have been surprisingly lost without, a copy of Between Heaven and Earth which is on Chinese 5 element medicine/philosophy, and the first three of the Diane Duane 'Young Wizards' series that I want to read/reread.

I know, I know, like the 150 or so books I have at the house aren't enough. THEY MIGHT NOT BE!

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