Friday, September 14, 2007

What Happens When I am Ill

After such a lovely Tuesday, it only makes sense that I've developed a nasty sore throat/ear ache thing.

I'm on day 3. I've slept most of today, as it helps me ignore the stabbing in my neck. It might be serious, it might not be -- I get so many sore throats in a year that I usually just muddle through them.

Still, feh.

Ok, in other news, I made a major departure and watched Tim Gunn's Guide to Style onTV the last two nights. I was surprised. It's a fashion show with little to no meanness, minimal snarkiness, and a lot of very sunshiny positive stuff. It is much less confrontational than TLC's What Not To Wear (which I stopped watching last season). I pay a lot more attention to all these famous designers and so forth being just normal nice than I do to the 'how many clever insulting remarks can we make' sort. I don't want to slam Clinton and Stacy, because I've enjoyed them, too, and I learned a lot that has made me a better dresser and more confident about wearing clothes. But WNTW is as much about the awfulness and how many remarks can be made about the awfulness as it is about creating a positive experience.

So, if Tim Gunn keeps up this attitude and approach, as far as I am concerned, he wins.

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