Tuesday, September 25, 2007

People Got Teef

To quote an old Whoopie Goldberg routine. (Tell me about dentistry in Jamaica).

I just returned from the dentist.

Good news! Yes, as always, I Need To Floss More, but in general (considering it's been a year and a half since my last cleaning) my mouth is very healthy and my teeth look good. Now they are all shiny and polished. Look, Ma! No Cavities!

Oh, and the new dentist at the office is maybe 1 point less than 'pretty much hot'. That's never bad. I've had two VERY hot (as in HAWT) dentists. One was the first dentist I ever went to as an adult, a young doctor in a new practice I thought was about the best looking thing in a smock and mask. His office was in an older building and not well air conditioned, so he tended not to wear a shirt under his smock, which meant I got glimpses of his muscular chest and back while he worked on my mouth. Talk about Distraction...sometimes I didn't notice when he asked "does that hurt"?

Then there was another hottie doctor several years ago at my current dentist's office -- tall, dark haired, with an aquiline nose and beautiful eyes. I was having jaw pain (the beginning of my TMD) and he was figuring it out. I felt better just looking at him.

*sigh* I hope went we get to the new house and the new life, we can find a competent yet terribly hot dentist. It makes cleanings so much nicer.

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