Thursday, September 20, 2007


That quote about sleep knitting up the raveled sleeve of care or whatever (I'll bet it's Shakespeare, but I'm too lazy to look it up right now) is all true. After a run of sleepless nights, I resorted to the knitting needles of vodka. Now, don't get worried. I'm a lightweight, so my 'nightcap' was a very large cup of milk, about 2 ounces of Dutch Chocolate Vodka, and a little Cask & Cream to smooth it out. Took me about an hour to sip it away, at which time I was quite prepared to become unconscious and drooly.

Last night I didn't need anything but a book.

Sometimes it takes what it takes, but I'm back to looking at the scenery from the top of my rollercoaster, appreciating the breeze and thew view, and fiddling with my seat belt.

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