Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All Better

The best thing about headaches is when they GO AWAY. It took some special medication (hidden away in a cabinet because it is soooo tempting) but by evening, I felt good enough to go for a (short) bike ride. It's getting NICE outside. Whoo hoo!

And it's not even funny how much I don't want to be at work anymore. I'm sick to death of this gol tournament and all the weird, half explained forms Bosszilla wants, his sudden ideas about promo items, and his expectation that I can somehow psychically extract information about golf handicaps and phone numbers from the ether or the gold pro. Doesn't he understand that just like he doesn't want everyone on the planet to know his email and cell number, others aren't all that eager to pass the same information around?

So, anyway, feh.

I'm flying down to Miami this weekend. The Husband is attending a 4 day yoga seminar. Now, sitting in a hotel room for 4 days (like I did last time he had a seminar like this) is NOT my idea of fun, plus with two cats needing medication, it's expensive. But it's pretty cheap to fly down, as it happens. I'm hoping to visit with a friend, and I'll drive back with him (chances are I'll be driving, since he will be wiped out from the seminar.) At worst, I'll get some reading done -- sitting in a hotel room.

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