Thursday, August 09, 2007

Today was Sponsered by the word FREAK

Freakity freak freak freak!

I dunno, that's just the word I've got today. Perhaps because I've spoken to no one but cats since late last night.

Ok, Scott has, in his nefarious way, tagged me for a meme, and because I've thrown memes at him several times and because I sure as freak have nothing else worth saying, I'll do it. But I will eventually get him for it.

Eight Random Things About Me

1. I hate long toenails. Hate 'em. Long toenailed freaks! Thus, I have ingrown toenails ON PURPOSE.

2. I'm married to a long toenailed freak. When he clips them (with the big, industrial grade clippers) they SPROINK out and hit the cats. He earns points for how high the cats jump. If they hit me, though, he has to sleep on the couch.

3. I collect bookmarks, not because they have neat pictures or sayings on them, but because I stop in the middle of a book and start another book. I USE them. (I prefer Book Bungees).

4. As for as I am concerned, the Levenger Catalog is Reader Porn. Gimme. Then leave.

5. It's really sad how much I love those old Hanna-Barbara superhero cartoons from the 60's. No, I mean, it is REALLY sad. You don't know how sad, and I'm not going to tell you unless there's Reader Porn involved.

6. I have fallen out of love with one of the colors painted on my living room walls. I don't know that I ever really did love it. Maybe it was just a fling. I didn't know how to tell it the truth, but, man, it's over.

7. As a kid, I got through math class by imagining the numbers had personalities and relationships. 2 is the motherly type. 4 is her dashing son. 8 is in love with 4, but 4 really has a thing for 6, and 6 is so blonde she doesn't really get it and wants 10. 9 is just jealous. 7 has a mustache and a bad attitude, and is stringing 3 along.

8. I really do read dictionaries for entertainment. I can't help it. I wish I'd thought of marking the words I looked up in my first dictionary, but I didn't until I saw "...say anything" and I'll be damned if I copy off of Ione Skye.

There. Happy now? FREAK!

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