Monday, August 06, 2007

Popcorn and Mockery

Not a lot going on around here. House cleaning (wow, new "magic mits" for picking up cat hair on the couch!), more rounds of touching up paint, trying not to buy "replacement" things for stuff that is packed up somewhere and we miss (now we have the excuse of "hey, it makes the house look nicer so maybe it will sell better". You know, sale magic logic.) I'm battling with Ben over the Thou Shalt Not Be a Cat Sitting On the Dining Room Table -- I have a new squirt bottle. Did you know that the old fashioned pistol shaped trigger pump squirt gun is no more? Not even in bright clear purple plastic.

Husband and I went to the doctor for annual physicals while we still have insurance. *I* have a Urinary Tract Infection. Who knew? I sure didn't. Not a clue. My past history with these is that you tend to notice. I haven't actually had one in, oh, 18 years, so maybe I've forgotten. But I thought for sure I would notice something like that. Lots of water and a 3 day anti-whatever prescription.

Mostly I'm having fun on GoodReads. I've even read a few books! If I sent you an invite that you accepted, but you haven't added any books or gotten involved in the groups, you are MISSING OUT.

Oh, and the last bit of something. My 4 disc set of Space Ghost/Dino Boy/Birdman/The Galaxy Trio arrived. There will be much retro cartoon mocking around here. Bring your own popcorn.

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