Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Matters of Taste

Ok, yesterday's stress is abating (after much chocolate and deep breathing). I have exorcised those stranger vibes from my house.

But before I let everything go completely, let me give you a taste of what happened.

All these people tromp through my house, looking in the closets and making comments. Before they leave, they write some comments on a sheet and leave them behind. The comments are supposed to be professional real estate salesperson advice on how best to present our house for sale. Most of it was just that.

Some of it was the farting of people with, I imagine, permanent digestive upset. One commanded us to get rid of our pets. Another insisted we rid ourselves of most furniture (75%, in fact, leaving us with the bed, a chair each, and possibly a dresser, I guess.) One person said "If they are moving, why haven't they packed anything?" (this person obviously didn't look into the garage). And one extremely helpful comment was "I can't imagine living like this, but I guess they're happy."

Professional, don't you think? I could tell our realtor thought so, too, when she handed the sheets to me after it was over. However, she's the one who has to deal with these people, not me. I'm taking a positive position. Those nasty comments were obviously the only ones those people could come up with -- meaning that they had nothing helpful to say. I feel some pity for whomever is so unlucky as to become their clients.

We are going to make some changes. We are repainting that color I'd already fallen out of love with (paint chips hang on the wall right now, waiting like beauty show contestants). We are going to repaint the guest bathroom and The Husband's office, both of which are admittedly extreme (and, I think, lovely and fun to have, but...) We are continuing to pack -- I've got boxes awaiting me. The garage and storage room get harsh treatment this weekend. As for the rest -- the cats stay. The furniture will be packed up when we get a contract on the house, biyotch.

And, after all that, I'm riding my NEW BICYCLE! Yes, yes, I have a lovely new bike that I've ridden three days this week already. It's burgundy and black, it's comfortable, and I'm working my way toward being able to ride it for more than 20 minutes....

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