Friday, July 27, 2007

Where, oh where has my little mind gone?

Today was clean bathrooms day, part of the new Live Clean regimen of house selling. I'm doing more than merely removing the disgusting bits these days. Everything must shine and sparkle as if it had never known a human hand. The logic is I don't want anyone's attention distracted by a smudge or smear. I want them to think "Ah, beautiful, perfect, wonderful, here's my check!" I don't want this line of thought disturbed by "ugh, a hair!"

I'd finished our bathroom and had moved to the guest bathroom (which was a little more disgusting because I ignore it longer). All porcelain surfaces were cleaned with the fabulous Clorox Bathroom Cleaner. Smells like bleach, so you know the cooties are dead, right? At least I hope so, because after about 5 minutes I can't smell anything at all -- part of my defensive systems, I'm sure, or I'd be out of there, gagging and forcing the Husband to do it.

As part of my regular cleaning ritual, I decided to Fabreze the house. You know, the stuff you spray on fabrics to remove odors? With the goofy furniture sniffing commercials? So I sprayed freshener on the couch, the rug, the chairs, both offices, the dining room, the entry...all the while wondering why I didn't smell that nice Fabreze scent. Was my nose really that dead?


It was because I was spraying everything with Clorox Bathroom Cleaner. I'd never unclenched my fist from the bottle even as my brain happily leaped around the house spreading freshness and disaster.

So far, no bleach spots on the couch. At least everything is cootie-free now.

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the queen said...


I love this post. It reminds me of the time I "polished Gary's furniture" with the fogging Bug spray.