Sunday, July 08, 2007

Self Maid

The house is now 95% -- maybe 92% -- ready to be shown. All the major projects, which included tiling a bathroom and a closet, are done. I may pack 3-4 more boxes with books from the back room. MAYBE. At this point I'm feeling a little defiant.

However, the house is peculiarly clean and neat, except for where we've been. I can't hold it in a state of "no one lives here" for more than a few seconds. So, the back room has been declared the area where we live.

Even my office has been cleaned within inches. Much tossed, much packed, even some thrown away. Hell, I might even move back in there just to shed some hair or something.

Mostly I'm noticing little things. I scrubbed three doors today. Doors. Oh, and door frames. They get fingerprints. And the washer. And the dryer. I'm not kidding. Someone will be buying those things. They have to look buyable.

And I'm tired so deep that even sleeping doesn't make it go away. Is there anything else in my life right now except cleaning?

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