Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Little Island

Bosszilla returns to Tokyo tomorrow, a fact greeted with the same joy and excitement as news of an impending oil embargo or a necessary extraction of multiple teeth. He called me to make sure I would be there (already planned) promising me more paperwork about his mother's estate. O joy, o rapture. July was such a pleasant month.

The Blistered Finger, soothed with ice cream, has subsided from feeling like a Fried Finger to feeling like I have a bandaid on it all the time. I don't actually have a bandaid on it, because the whole numb thing is a little much to handle as it is, and finger bandaids never work out for me. When that blister breaks -- and I know it will, blisters will do that and always before I'm ready -- I'll put a bandaid on it, because then it will be the Raw Finger and even air will hurt.

And one little tidbit for your consideration: there is unmatched pleasure to be had in tossing the minds of the unsuspecting about like so many fresh salad greens.

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