Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We leave early tomorrow morning for Ohio and JammiesFest 07! Since what happens at Jammie's stays at Jammie's, that's all I can say. Ophelia and LaGuz will be boarded at the vet, which I'm sure will thrill them both no end, and the three youngest will have free reign of the house.

I still have cleaning to do, and I don't want to do it. I must vacuum and finish picking up the back room, and get other things put away. I'm managing laundry, no ironing (yet). I'm packing.

I'm sleepy. I woke up at 6:45 and made the freaking bed. I still need to clean things in the bathroom. The floor guy is almost done, so the last of the Big Tasks will be completed. The real estate agent comes this afternoon at around 3, so everything has to be in shape by then. She's taking pictures. Oh heavens, I want to do nothing more than sit in this chair, maybe eat something.

At least this is the end of Projects for a while. Everything else is just cleaning, maybe a little packing up in the back room, and just keeping things neat. That is, after we get back from Ohio. The MIL will be watching the house and doing some touch up painting and cleaning (she volunteered!)

I have a counter covered in cleaning products. I haven't gone under the sink to clean out there. That's one of those afternoon projects I'm saving for later.

I did discover why I am such a lousy housekeeper. It's really simple. I only have two modes -- don't give a fuck and MUST CLEAN THE CREVICES. Once I start doing more than basic maintenance (which, in my world, means making sure nothing falls over on anyone and no one sticks to the floor) I can't stop. I started to clean the bathroom yesterday -- wipe the sink, vanity and mirror, clean tub, toilet and shower stall, vacuum the floor. I spent 2 hours on the sinks and vanity. The tub took an hour. The shower stall took 2. Only the toilet went fast, and that's because I've already cleaned it once this week AND I did not get on my knees to check BEHIND the toilet. Oh, and the shower isn't actually clean -- at least, not clean enough. I need to scour the tiles again and I need to get grout whitener. See what I mean? It's not that big a bathroom.

Oh, there's the microwave to dig clean. Forgot about that. That won't show in the photos. Maybe MIL will do it.


The funny thing is, when we actually move OUT of the house, we are planning to have a maid service come in to clean the house.

I am so looking forward to JammiesFest. She's promised I won't have to clean anything, and there will be the comfort of dustbunnies.

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