Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Xavier, Where Are You When I Need You?

Bosszilla has set me a new goal for developing my extra sensory/telepathic abilities.

I mentioned that his mother passed away last month. This month, he brought to me all her photo albums so that I can scan the photos and burn them to a video CD so that he can look at them on a television (He's been watching those HP and Apple commercials again). None of this is hard.

However, he wants the photos labeled and grouped in a particular way. Ok, I told him, I'll bring the albums in and you can label the photos before I scan them.

Oh, no, he said. That won't work.

I didn't question why this wouldn't work.

Well, I offered, I can scan them and bring them in, and you can look at them and label them. Then I'll reburn the disc.

He thought about this for, oh, a second, before shaking his head. No, I don't think that will work either.

I am now at a loss.

Can't you scan them and label them? he asked. I want to get my mother together with all her sisters, and I don't know what albums they are in.

I don't say anything.

Oh, well, I'll think about it, he said. Then he left.

He's thinking about it. He doesn't want to do it, but he'll think about it. Apparantly I'm supposed to tune in to these thoughts, locate and assimilate the appropriate information, and translate it into labels and catagories for the photos. He doesn't want to spend the time and boring effort to label the photos himself, you see. That's why he pays me.

I should charge extra for mutating.

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