Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Weekend that Was

Painting in bathroom is done. Hallway, done except for the doors (to be done after the floor is replaced). Book boxes packed -- 31. China packed, crystal packed, and I'm making my lists for everything else.

The Husband is returning from his retreat tonight, and I'll be glad of that. The MIL spent most of yesterday and part of today here, doing whatever she thought needed doing (she painted the hallway, and we would have started the laundry room if I hadn't persuaded her that there was nowhere to PUT the stuff that is in the laundry room while the painting takes place, and we wouldn't be able to move through the kitchen. ) Same with the bedroom painting -- has to wait until there's some place to put the stuff we have to move. The living room is stacked with boxes, and I'm starting on the dining room. There's a little path from the front door to the rest of the house.

There's really no problem with my mother in law, but I find myself always tense and attentive when I'm around her. Years of conditioning. I'm just never really relaxed. I know I do not have the latitude of being "her kid", as I did with my dad. So, even though she and I get along fine, there's a limit to how much un-Husband-filtered contact I can withstand before I start getting anxious. Maybe one day I'll get over that, but right now...nope. She left about 2 hours ago, and the tightness in my chest has just about gone away.

Everything is like one of those slide puzzles I played with as a kid. To get the upper right corner in place, I had to shift all the other pieces, then weasel it up. Then, I'd have to shift the newly placed piece a little to get the second one in line. Then everything has to move again, and then again, as everything goes into its spot. That's what my house feels like.

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