Friday, June 22, 2007

To Make Sport of Others

While munching my microwave panini and raw snow pea dinner, I decided to click The Magic Next Button. I happened upon one of the millions of ad sites that I usually blow past while Next Buttoning. But the top entry on this one (as well as the title) made me pause. Then it made me laugh, in an evil way.

be a live, be free: Life couching

Life Couching. I'm picturing one of those stadium couches with the built in refrigerator and commode. You'd think that would be one thing people could do without paying for assistance would be to live on the couch.. And I'm really curious about what shoping might be.

What makes me laugh harder is they managed to spell 'interpersonal' correctly and put the first three sentences together properly, but lost it all in the actual url reference line.

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