Monday, June 11, 2007

There Be Boxes

We've made the first fledgling motions toward The Great Departure. Our deadline -- January 1 2008. However, we have to start showing our home, most likely, this month. And we gots stuffs to be doin'.

First, the bedroom must be painted. This was the room I could not get The Husband -- whose assistance will be needed for more than just moving the heavy stuff -- to agree needed doing. I suppose his logic was that the majority of his time in this room was spent with his eyes closed, so why bother painting? Regardless, his options are now one -- paint the damn room. Color has been selected, I've removed shelving and pictures, and we will be moving to the air bed for a day or so once we pick a weekend to begin. Probably next weekend. Painting isn't hard. Moving furniture is.

And I'm still carefully wrapping and packing books. A few hours of watching some of those "sell your house" shows has revealed that bookshelves should not be empty, but neither should they actually hold all the books and dustcatchers one usually has. They must be "artistic" or some shit along those lines. I'm working on it.

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