Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stunning *gasp* Revelation

Ok, I'm not waiting for Bosszilla to "think". I'm gonna scan and haul my laptop in with the photos, and MAKE him label them.

Or not.

Either way, I'm scanning them and getting them out of my house. Yes, I'm doing this at home for three reasons.

1) I can watch TV while I'm doing this
2) I can do laundry in between times
3) Thanks to our ITiot at work, he who hasa rather sick obsessive need to control the computers (and equipment access) of people whose jobs he does not know, I do not have access to a scanner at work. I USED to have a scanner AND a printer all my own. Ah, the old days...

All this has led to a competely unexpected (*gasp*) and surprising (*again, gasp*) discovery.

The tedium of scanning and labeling one's own family photographs for digital storage is outweighed only by the unending tedmium of scanning and labeling someone else's photographs.

Bad snapshots of complete strangers are bad enough when you stumble across them accidentally while cruising blogs, but from THIS there is no escape.

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