Friday, June 01, 2007

Still Still Waiting

News from the powers that be concerning the giant IF bunny sitting in my life indicate that there should be a definitive answer quite soon. We are watching the mail. Superstitious or no, we've only revealed the details of this bunny to a few trusted people and, damn, if that ain't killin' me! There is this HUGE change on my horizon, but I'm not tellin' the world.

I've had complete strangers come admire my new phone and my new car. See what I mean?

In more boring news, I'm waiting for an order of Brodart book jacket wrappers to arrive. Remember how hardbound library books are always wrapped in these plastic covers? Well, it occurred to me, in that way things sometimes do, that I now own a LOT of hardbound books, and many of these are autographed and others are on the not-so-common side. And my friend the Book Pimp has taught me that there's a lot more value in a book tha thas a nice, preserved dust jacket to go with its nice, preserved pages and cover. Soooo...

I'm actually looking forward to doing it, in my weird anal compulsive about my books way. I must have made some sort of maturing step without realizing it. Now, the joy in displaying my book collection is not as much about the NUMBER of books I have, but about how they look on the shelf and how easily I can lay hands on a particular book. The sight of my hardbacks, all alphabetical and by type, lined up in their various shelves just brings me joy. I imagine other people get the same thrill when all their shoes are polished and lined up in the closet. I'm even going to get shelf labels at some point (I already have my eye on the ones I want.)

It's something to do while I wait.

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