Monday, June 18, 2007

New Broom

Today, the real estate agent comes to take a look at our house. Our house isn't really in a condition to be looked at. Oh, it's ok for friends (most of whom are no better house keepers than we are and bless them for that) and we certainly don't mind, but the idea that someone is coming in to evaluate and quantify...erg. My soul recoils.

I've been packing up more books. Bookshelves all have the "reduced, uncluttered" look. However, the boxes into which the books are packed have that "omigod, attack of the cheap boxes!" look. That, combined with some stuff just arrived from the MIL's house for sorting and albuming and such (She and I are planning a picture sorting weekend), and things are not looking so great.

We've been carefully going through and packing up anything that might be considered "objectionable" to some non-prescreened stranger wandering through our house with thoughts about buying. All of the books on occult studies -- packed. Big art books of nudes -- packed. All the fantasy art books -- packed. Books on sex -- packed. I have one big shelf that is all paperbacks. We decided to remove it to improve the room it's in, so paperbacks are (almost) packed. The library is stacked on all sides, and I have to get into my office next. My office is going to be the designated box holding area -- that is, as soon as I make some space in it.

Right now, though, I have to make the bed and clean floors. The kitties decided this would be a good day to not only scoop litter out of the bathroom litterbox, but pee on the tossed out litter. Yay.

Sooooo much stuff to do to this house; so many little things to repair, replace, or redo. Enough whining. I need to start sweeping.

Noon Update: One sure sign I am fit neither by physical nature or mental aptitude for housework is that I have sneezed so much and so hard today that I actually wet myself. And there's a FREAKING GIANT (dead) COCKROACH IN THE TUB and SOMEONE (not me) is going to get it out. I'm having too hard a time keeping my eyes in my skull to pick up cat-reject bugs.

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