Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mo' Kittehs

Bea and LaGuz went to the vet today. It was preplanned, but somehow, with kitty intuition, at 6 am this morning, LaGuz decided that she really needed to pee on The Husband. He was, of course, in bed. I was not, as it happened, because I'd retreated to the couch to escape the Husband's bed takeover plot.

Turns out she has the beginning of a bladder infection (possibly stress induced, as she is a high stress kitty and she does NOT like all the boxes and moving and disorientation in her house). She may also be hyperthyroid, but we need some more tests on that to be sure. Anyway, a shot, some pills and some magic "Lab Litter", and she should be fine. Bea has a long time yeast infection in her ears -- I suspect most of the cats have it. Again, some gooey salve three times a week, and they will be fine -- although Bea will hate me for at least an hour after treatment. Possibly two hours.

Bea was incredibly mellow at the vet once she was out of her carrier. She lounged, she explored, she napped, she charmed -- and then they put drops in her ears and she crawled under the table and hissed at me. LaGuz actually went back INTO her carrier and hid. That's just weird.

On the moving front, there are more boxes everywhere.
This is the stack of book boxes as of last week. There are two more rows and a new set growing 3 high under the window today.

Benny is helping.
Pooty is also helping.

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