Saturday, June 09, 2007

Maureen McGovern Should be Singing About That Boat

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and thoughts. My eyes are a little sore, but that's why we have eye drops. It's a new morning, we know we made the right decision, and life goes on.

Sometimes I wonder how that's possible. It always seems, each time I've faced the death of someone I love or the loss of something so essential to my life, that life should somehow stop and freeze right there. It never has. I have, a time or two, gotten stuck at that point, like one steel ball in a ball bearing that gets out of round and won't roll. But I round out, eventually, and roll along with everyone else. The choice to be stuck forever has its own set of miseries which are greater to me than those associated with just getting on with it.

Ben and Ophelia are snoozing on the bed next to me. We spent Friday evening with a dear friend (I'll call her Aunt Dutchie) and her giant dog and three of her cats -- Harry, Jerry and Bitchitina. We discussed all things of the world, including the deaths of pets, the weirdness of family, and there wheres and whyfors of gender identification. It was a comforting evening.

Oh, five points if you can name the song I'm referencing in the post title, redeemable for nothing much special but, still...

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