Friday, June 01, 2007

A Little Swirly

Oh yeah, hurricane season started today. Wee. And we already have a little tropical storm doing tropical stormy things in the Gulf. We already had a little suntropical storm (Andrea, I think) earlier, but nothing came of it really.

We have to do a little prep work around here now that the tax holiday for hurricane supplies has started. New batteries, replace a flashlight or two, gas for the generator, more canned goods in the pantry -- that sort of thing. Oh, and maybe a few tarps, although we had our roof replaced after the last set of storms a few years ago..

May was unusually cool and very windy. We haven't had the A/C on in weeks, which is great for the power bill and sort of eh for the state of in-house moisture. It's cool and cloudy today, pretending it might rain but not actually raining. We could use the rain. Drought is an ongoing thing in Florida.

Everyone is predicting disaster, just like they did last year when they were wrong, and the year before that when they were right. Look, it's weather, and anything can happen. There's no reason to panic and no excuse to pretend nothing will happen. Buy some bottled water, buy some batteries, get a few sheets of plywood and clear a little space in the garage for the lawn furniture. If you live near sea level, look at a map and figure out the best way to evacuate, and get a couple of bags together so you can grab your stuff and go if you have to. Prepare. So nothing happens -- be thankful. If it does, you won't be as bad off. What's wrong with that? Get a radio and listen to the news. Check the Weather Channel in the morning. Like it's so hard.

Life ges a little swirly either way, ya know. I hope the Weather Channel has some new music.

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