Thursday, June 21, 2007

Important Things I've Learned

1) I do not need to put every paperback book I own into a plastic bag. First, I don't have enough bags. Second, I have too many paperback books. Third, I'm too lazy.
2) I am resigned to the fact that, should one of these book boxes suffer the horror of damp, wetness or true drenching, I will simply have to unbreak my heart, save what I can, and move on.
3) There will be a Last Box Packed for the books, because I keep finding books that make me think "Oh, I want to read that now! I might read it this summer! I'll have time!" and piling them up. What gems of the literary arts can I not bear packing away? Things like "You Suck", by Chrisopher Moore.
4) Damn, I'd forgotten about some of these books. I really had.

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