Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ding Dong and so forth

The If Bunny ceased to be an If today. There's no way to be inspecific about it and not let the whole thing out, which The Husband is loathe to do because there are still reasons to be -- not secretive, let's say "circumspect", let's say "discreet" -- about it. Although the biggest If has fallen and the "maybe" is a certainty, we still have several steps to go through. None of those are "ifs", they are "whens". But now I can start doing things. I'm going to be very, very busy.

On the other hand, Wesa went to the vet this morning, and the news so far is not promising. An unknown abdominal mass. Fluid in her lung cavity from an unknown cause. X-rays and blood tests and various pokings and proddings of her little body. Lots of things are supposed, but nothing is known as yet. We may not know anything until Friday.

Update: We brought Wesa home. I won't detail, but it is not good. We are going through the motions of waiting for test results, but it's already pretty much decided. We have a few days to pretend with medicine and expensive food.

There's a song that says broken hearts hold more.

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