Monday, June 18, 2007


Our Real Estate Expert -- I'll call her Ree -- has come and gone. She gave us no surprises, but she did repeat something I'd rather thought would be the case -- we need to reduce our home down to "model home" levels of stuff. In other words, we need to drop ourselves down to the minimum of "things". This will allow potential buyers to see all the "space" in our house, and leave them room to imagine their own things in place.

This means keeping a pristine kitchen, spotless bathrooms, making the bed every morning, vacuuming more often than is really healthy, and cleaning litterboxes on a near daily basis. It also means a lot more sorting and deciding what will and won't remain. We have 2 weeks to accomplish the minimum, at which time Ree will return to take measurements and photos, and our listing will be online. We have a lot of boxes to buy and a lot of things to pack. I'm making mental lists from hardest to easiest things to do, what rooms to handle first, etc. I'm tired already, and we aren't nearly started.

The one set of thoughts I keep running into were all the various plans The Husband and I had discussed about this house. You know, those things you'd talked about doing "one day" or "when we have money". We aren't going to be doing them, now. They are done, gone, dreams no more. It's not really painful or upsetting to realize this, but it is a little disconcerting, like not recognizing where I am. The thoughts pop up at odd moments, usually in the form of "Oh, we aren't going to be putting those shelves up in the bedroom" and "Oh, we won't be replacing those bushes in the front yard." All my thoughts of the future have changed. Occasionally they try to slip into the old grooves, and I think that's what causes those weird seconds of dislocation. Not that future, THIS future.

There are several possible scenarios for this move. Best case would be the house sells by September and we are moving before Thanksgiving. Worst case would be the house sits on the market and The Husband has to go without me in January while I stay here. As you might guess, this particular scenario does not thrill me.

As for me, I have to go get more boxes.

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