Thursday, May 24, 2007


Bosszilla is in a sort of manic mode, which is how he tends to deal with stress -- running around, doing whatever it is will keep him moving. He called me in to help him write his mother's eulogy and to compose a letter of what he thinks is questionable medical practices involved in her death.

I'm not susprised, really. He's sad, which makes him angry. Rar. But I really don't want to write eulogies.

We head off to OASIS tomorrow, for what may be the last time. The show has been going downhill steadily for a few years. We go because it's local, it's cheap, and we spend time with some friends while there. Ah, it's a weekend out of the house, although we won't be able to do dinner because we must be home to medicate cats. Wesa I'm not so worried about, but Ophelia needs to be kept on schedule as much as possible. I think we can manage one missed day, but I don't really want to do it to her if I don't have to (although I'm sure she would be happy to have one day without being poked with a needle.)

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