Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Music

One of the coolest, niftiest things in my cool, nifty car is the CD player. It's an MP3 6 disk player that we got because The Husband went online and printed a coupon (I do not kid, and he is also extremely cool and nifty for knowing to do that.) So, because I'm just weird and enthused, I've been making giant MP3 cds of my music collection to keep in the car. I've been going through all my disks and re-ripping some stuff and I once more became aware that my tastes are...eclectic. Lemme give you a sample list straight from my music library. I'll skip the soundtracks, compilation CDs, classical collections and the assorted mixes given by friends. Just skimming through the performers, we have...

Al Stewart
Alanic Morissette
Alison Krauss & Union Station
Anna Nalick
Annie Lennox
Aretha Franklin
Barenaked Ladies
Billy Joel
Black Eyed Peas
Bobby McFerrin
Bonnie Raitt
Carole King
Cat Stevens
Chemical Brothers
Counting Crows
Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young)
Dar Williams
Dave Matthews Brand
Deep Forest
Dirty Vegas
Donald Fagen
Ella Fitzgerald
Elton John
Fiona Apple
George Gershwin
George Winston
Groove Armada
Jethro Tull
Joan Osborne
Joe Jackson
Joni Mitchell
k.d. lang
Kate Bush
King Crimson
Laurie Anderson
Mannheim Steamroller
Massive Attack
Nat King Cole
Peter Gabriel
Sheila Chandra
Sheryl Crow
Simon & Garfunkel
Steely Dan
The Police
The Sundays
Thievery Corporation
Thomas Dolby
Toby Twining
Tori Amos
Vince Guaraldi
Yo-Yo Ma

All of these have or currently dominate my music listening. I think it explains some things, don't you?

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