Friday, May 18, 2007

I <3 My New Pearl

Ok, I've had a good two weeks with my new Blackberry Pearl. I've learned the following.

1. has some very nifty applications and good customer service.
2. The $5 I spent on a program that lets me change the color light under the little pearl trackball was soooo worth it. Given my love for the extra special flashy pen, it was a given I would love a flashy pearl.
3. I can read blogs on my phone!
4. I have MAPS.
5. Another $30 investment let me replace my huge honkin' book-trackin' agenda/calendar/wallet/keepertrapper thingie that weighed about 4 pounds with a little phone based data manager. It's tres cool and easy and all sorts of things. OH, and I can work on my lists on my computer and mail them to my phone!
6. Did I mention the flashy pearl thing? Sooo Coool!
7. My phone digital camera is better than my digital digital camera (although I still take shit photos. Eh.) It also prevents me from taking a bad photo of my phone with my phone camera. Something to do with physics.

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