Thursday, May 03, 2007

But They're Sparkley

In between coughing fits, I've been very productive. We were low on stock going into the last show, and that one wiped us out, so I finally got into the toolbox and started making product for the next show and for our incredibly long delayed launch of a website. Can't sell what I don't have.

So here's what I made.

I don't paint these. Oh, no, that masochistic, I ain't. I bought them from a friend who used to sell. I think she retired or decided to do something else -- we've sort of deliberately lost contact with her, as she was a bit on the high maintenance, "everything bad happens to me" side, and sometimes you couldn't say anything at all without triggering her self defense mechanisms. She was a good person, but -- exhausting. Anyway, I only have a few more of these little goodies, and so I'm making them into pendants.

This craptastic picture (in my own inimitable style) is, respectively, a piece of quartz faceted to have a pentagram, and a piece of mixed color amber. Of course you can't SEE the pentagram in the quarzt. I'll try to get a better picture later, but I ain't holdin' my breath.

And, last, some of the dichroic glass pendants I've made since Sunday. I love working with the dichroic -- less fragile than most precious or semi-precious stones, smooth, and reasonably regular in shape. I also love the colors.

I've got a few more pieces to do in silver, then I plan to make up some bracelets. I dislike working with silver wire. For scientific, metalurgical reasons that I knew once but discarded (aka, forgot) silver wire is contrary. It tends to curl, even in a square wire, and that makes it hard to untwist. You have to practically beat it into submission.
I used to love silver jewelry. Now I feel sorry for silversmiths.

Next, I go back to gold.
I'll put up more of my lovely blurry, overlit photos later.

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