Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Opening, Another Show

Another OASIS come and gone. It was a quiet, fun weekend, inasmuch as we spent a large portion of it with our friend Jay-2, and nothing bad happened. There were a few inconveniences (such as getting a third the way there this morning and realizing the cash box was still at the house) but nothing severe. In many ways this show went more smoothly than shows passed, and we made enough money to cover all expenses (which made it better than last year). We ended the weekend with dinner at Book Pimp and TOAS's house, with much wine and steak, pie and ice cream.

I am constantly buying books from BP, and often I pick up something for her or she gets a massage from The Husband, and instead of shuffling money we work it out in trade. Our last set of exchanges had us highly confused because it went like this

Me: "Hey, will you take these books I don't want and try to sell them at your next show?"
BP: "I sold $10 worth and here are the rest."
Me: "Keep the $10 and the rest for your dollar box, and put it toward that $60 Hal Clement set you told me about."
BP: "Will you order me some of the tabloid sized bags when do that order? They're like, $20. I'll put it toward that book set."
Me: "Ok, so I want this book, too. Now I owe you, what, $30?"
BP: "I just got a massage , so that means I owe you how much?"

At which time we just call it a draw and start over. I should just deposit money with her monthly and let her send me books. It would be so much easier.

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