Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And Sometimes, There is No Choice

Ah, the first of May.

I went to work 1/2 hour early because Son of Bosszilla (sometimes called Bosszookie) informed The Husband that the working hours he's been on for the last 10 years are No Longer Acceptable. Without going into tedious detail, different areas of Tokyo work slightly differing main shifts, either from 7:30-4:30 or 8-5. We also have a later shift that starts around 1 and runs until around 10 or 11, depending.

The Husband's department is on the 7:30 to 4, while he's been 8-5 so that someone would overlap the second shift. Bosszookie was seized with a sudden suspicion that the department was having wild parties during that early 1/2 hour and no one was inviting him. So, the Husband must be there to make sure the peons are peoning from the moment they step foot in the door until they leave. Second shift can just go it alone, like they used to before it became desperately apparent they couldn't and they moved the Husband's hours so he'd overlap.

You know how it is in Tokyo. It's not really an issue for me unless the doors to the front office aren't unlocked when I get there, in which case I will sit in The Husband's department and play computer solitare until someone shows up at 8.

Speaking of Toyko, I now have, not one, but TWO completely useless projects to work my ass off doing so that after they are done they can be completley ignored or, even better, complained about. Ah, la, it's all for the money. We are wanting much money so we can stock it away in preparation for departure to...where ever it is we end up departing to. Useless projects are very good for the earning of the moneys. They are just hard on the building of the ego. But who needs one of those? Self esteem? Personal worth? Fah!

They are for the weak.

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